The Visionary Behind Lighthouse

My name is Tara D. Wallace. I am a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker. I hold certifications in trauma therapy; cognitive behavioral therapy; movement trauma, and diversity, equity and inclusion. I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher.

As a therapist I have witnessed the impact racialized trauma can have in the lives of minorities. Symptoms linger under the surface without the individual being aware how deeply they have been affected until some event, or person brings it to the surface. In that moment they experience an intense emotional reaction.

Anger, sadness, fear or tears . . . are part of a trauma response triggered by reconnecting with their experience physically, mentally and emotionally. Until the experience is processed in a healthy and effective way, that cycle of triggering and response will continue and possibly be built upon as the individual uses other, less effective, sometimes harmful ways to deal with the symptoms.

What I do, what we do together, is find the most effective way to process the experience so it no longer remains stuck in the body causing unexplained discomfort or something that a person has learned to live with over time.

Research has shown expressive therapy to be a healthy and safe method of processing trauma in combination with traditional therapy techniques.

Tara D. Wallace, MSW, LSCSW, CTF-CBT

Black Topeka