Targeted Case Management

Reversing the impact of poverty and systemic and racialized trauma involves assessing needs, and developing a plan which supports the goals identified in partnership with the individual or family. It also means facilitating contact with other providers; advocating for access to services and empowering individuals to advocate for themselves.

Trauma Focused Therapy

Reducing negative emotional and behavioral responses are necessary to correct maladaptive beliefs related to racialized trauma experiences. Trauma therapy aims to provide support and skills to help individuals cope effectively with their own emotional distress and to respond others who have been traumatized through:

Psychoeducation about trauma
Relaxation techniques
Affective expression and modulation
Cognitive coping and processing
Trauma narrative development and processing
In vivo mastery of trauma reminders
Conjoint family/support system sessions
Enhancing future safety


Body-Based Therapy

The balance between the psychological, physical and cognitive functioning of the body creates mental and emotional wellness. This balance can become disrupted in response to micro thoughts or experiences of trauma (triggers).

Research indicates a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression occurs through strategic programming structured around understanding the physical body, and safety and stability found in yoga, physical play, and use of the body in storytelling and movement.

National TF-CBT Certification Program
TRACC4 Movements Healer Network
Yoga Alliance