Lighthouse TCO

lighthouse image, white with red horizontal stripes and blue top; red and blue lettering

Lighthouse Therapeutic Community Outreach Foundation (Lighthouse TCO) is the spirit manifestation of its CEO Tara D. Wallace who believes every individual should have the opportunity to experience mental and emotional wellness.

Minority communities have historically been impacted by poverty resulting from systemic and economic oppression founded in institutions like slavery, family separation, mass incarceration, redlining and many other policies and practices which continue to target and traumatize people of color. Accessing services to treat racialized trauma can be burdensome to families with limited emotional, physical and financial resources.

Many families are subjected to further trauma connecting with resources when they are forced to meet requirements that are not sensitive to their unique situations. When a family fails to meet attendance or participation requirements, for example, they can be removed from a program or have their access significantly reduced.

The penalty for situational poverty should not be further trauma and deeper entrenchment into the depths of emotional, physical and financial poverty.

Lighthouse TCO seeks to change basic cultural perceptions about minority mental and emotional wellness using a strength-based, multifaceted approach to promote resilience and mitigate the impact of ACEs and other adverse experiences in communities of color.

“There is a strength, a power even, in understanding brokenness, because embracing our brokenness creates a need and desire for mercy, and perhaps a corresponding need to show mercy. When you experience mercy, you learn things that are hard to learn otherwise. You see things you can't otherwise see; you hear things you can't otherwise hear. You begin to recognize the humanity that resides in each of us.” -- Bryan Stevenson