The Trauma Therapy Process

The treatment team consists of the therapist, client, primary caregivers and individuals identified by the family as those who supportive of their goals of stability and healthy functioning.


Individual Therapy includes assessment and interpretation of trauma scales to determine the most effective treatment for a child. Initially, sessions will be scheduled weekly to help children learn relaxation skills, understand feelings and emotions, and learn new ways to communicate them. When skills have been developed and displayed consistently, sessions will decrease in frequency to encourage continued growth, independent of the therapy process.


Family Therapy will involve assessment of the family system and its ability to respond to the child’s mental, behavioral and emotional needs. Communication between the therapist and family will occur after each session to engage the family’s support of the client’s assigned tasks.


Treatment success as a team occurs when the client and family are able to function with limited intervention from the therapist.


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Treatment Methods


As a nationally certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the primary methods used to process trauma and create a healthier narrative about traumatic experiences.


It is important to recognize a client's current level of functioning while responding to traumatic events, therefore solution focused brief therapy is also used to work towards treatment goals.